Can I Get Help With Financing My Renovations?

Yes. If you have an adequate credit rating, and you have some equity built up in your property, we can definitely arrange or refer you to adequate financing of a renovation.  Renovations actually pay for themselves in the increase value of your property.

Are you going to take pictures during a renovation?

We would appreciate that you let pictures be taken, however you are quite free to request that no pictures be taken or added online.

Do I have to sign anything to obtain this service?

Once a consultation is completed and your requirements are clarified, an estimate of services will be drafted and an agreement to continue with services will be required to be signed by both parties.

What are your fees and do you have a list of services anywhere?

We can provide support for most real estate services, let us know your situation and we will provide an economical price for your requirements.

How Do People List On The MLS?

If you require a listing on MLS we can connect you with appropriate support to continue with your property sale.